Excessive Sweating (Hyperhidrosis)

Hyperhidrosis is a condition in which some people suffer from excessive sweating. Sweating may be localized to certain areas, such as the hands, feet, face, or armpits, or it may occur over the entire body. With treatment, you can experience significant improvement in your quality of life.

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Symptoms of excessive sweating include:

  • Localized areas that sweat excessively, such as the face, armpits, hands, or feet
  • A general tendency to sweat excessively all over the body
  • Skin turning white, red, wrinkling, or becoming irritated due to constant moisture
  • An odor of the skin due to excessive sweating

Risk Factors

While the cause of hyperhidrosis is unknown, it often begins during childhood and tends to run in families. It usually occurs in individuals who are otherwise physically healthy. Secondary hyperhidrosis, which is far less common, can develop due to other factors such as certain drugs, neurological disorders, systemic diseases, or anxiety.


Excessive sweating can cause feelings of awkwardness, self-consciousness, and embarrassment. It can even interfere with practical functions such as gripping or holding items. Your recommended treatment options may include:

  • Antiperspirants (over-the-counter or prescription-strength)
  • Anticholinergic oral medication
  • Medicated topical pads
  • BOTOX® injections

With the appropriate treatment, hyperhidrosis can be brought under control. A consistent treatment plan will yield the best results.