As Medovate continues to evolve and adapt during this crisis, we continue to think of you and how we can be of support to you. 

Our raison d’être is to serve health practitioners who are bearing the weight of unprecedented pressures from every direction. 

We are facing increasing layers of stress: squeezed by ultimatums from 3rd party payors, increasing privatization of health care, and rising costs for simply practicing good medicine, while grasping to stay true to our moral compasses and uphold our own standards of care.

COVID-19 has just taken this up more than a few notches.

Our Network is here to support You. Please reach out to any of the four of us if you have a sense of being alone in this.

Here is a link to “A Short Guide to Managing Anxiety during COVID-19”, by one of our founders, Ellen Katz. Feel free to share it as needed.

With sincere friendship and fellowship,

David J. Mann, MD— Chief Executive Officer of Medovate

Medovate Network Forum

April 7, 2020 -- Communicating with Employees During Times of Crisis -- We invite you to take a peek inside the Medovate Network's Inaugural Forum, with this thought-provoking conversation between Ellen Katz, MS, LMFT, and Philippe Weiss, President of Seyfarth/At Work. Philippe is a leading expert in core value development and best practice management. Watch for our future Medovate Network Forums!